War of the Supermarket Giants Begins


The $440 million redevelopment of the Macquarie Centre will make it the largest suburban shopping centre in NSW, at 138,500 square metres when it’s finished! This giant is right here on our doorstop.

While this giant continues with its development there are other giants fighting for a piece of our well-earned dollars. And that fight exists between the three big supermarket giants, Woollies, Coles and Aldi. They’ll all be under one roof and the official opening of the ‘Fresh Food Market’ is on the 17th July, which will of course include all three of the supermarkets. You can be sure that each will be on top of their game trying to entice you into their shops over their competitors.

So how do you choose, as each one promises you amazing shopping experiences?

Aldi promises high quality and exceptional value. As they say, “we’re offering you a smarter way to shop.” While Woollies position themselves as the ‘Fresh Food People’ who are “a down-to-earth, honest Australian Company” who offer unrivalled fresh food that you won’t find anywhere else. On top of that they promise a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience at the same time. Then you’ve got Coles on the other hand who have taken the stance of their long history of delivering quality products, outstanding customer service and great value to millions of Australians for over 90 years. They are also committing towards a sustainable future by supporting Aussie farmers and local jobs.

Pretty convincing right? But the question remains as to who will win in the end. Quite frankly, you the shopper will win. No doubt you’ll explore each of these stores and the benefits they have to offer, as will I, and ultimately you’ll be the one who wins in the end. Why? Because now as a consumer you’ve got far more choice than you’ve had before, and you will eventually decide where your hard earned dollars will go. You might even find that each one offers you something different, and as they’re all under one roof you now have more choice than you’ve had before.

Will one of these giants be a victorious winner, or will all of them benefit equally? It remains to be seen.
I’m looking forward to the opening of the ‘Fresh Food Market’ on the 17th July, to see who will be making the most noise.

Are you going to the big opening? If you are I’d love to hear what your thoughts? I might even bump into you there.

William de Ora

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