Trains to be replaced by Hundreds of Buses in Marsfield

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We could be up for a bit of transport upheaval in Marsfield in late 2018. Why is this? Well the Epping to Chatswood rail line will be shut for between six to seven months, while they prepare for the connecting north-west rail link. Make no mistake this will be painful in the short term, but we’ve got a lot to look forward to including a fully-automated rapid transit services for customers every four minutes. There will also be brand new modern trains, eight new stations and upgrades to five existing stations between Epping and Chatswood.

Current Rail Services

Current Rail Services









“When Sydney’s new rapid transit services start in the first half of 2019, 15 trains an hour will run in both directions between Epping and Chatswood during the peak – almost four times as many as today,” Gladys Berejiklian said, Minister for Transport. That’s quite a way on from where we are now, that’s for sure.

Those six to seven months may seem like a long time, but we’ll have a far better transport system in the end.

How is it going to work?

As I said, construction will start towards the end of 2018 and basically, a fleet of about 75 buses will run hundreds of services a day in order to make up for the passengers who use the Epping to Chatswood rail line.

It’s been estimated that 14,000 people per day will have to use the buses, and it’s anticipated that the roads will be seriously crowded at this time, if you think about people who are going to go from trains to cars, and then of course the buses. Yes, it will be painful, there’s no denying that.

There will be more than 300 bus services along five bus routes running every day. There are plans to have both express and all-stop bus routes to get people to where they need to go along the Epping to Chatswood line and surrounding areas. The Minister for Transport mentioned that they will try and limit the impact on local traffic as much as they can to try and reduce travel times.

One thing is certain, with these types of upgrades that we can look forward to; there is a whole heap of work to be done, which makes it understandable why the time period seems quite long.

What’s to come?

As I mentioned, we’ll have some pretty neat trains on our doorstep, making travel a breeze. But there’s something else that you might not have considered; with brilliant transport and facilities comes a nice little burst in house prices, as people flock to live in an area that has world-class travel, to get them where they need to go and besides that we’ve got world-class facilities like the brand new Macquarie Centre and the Macquarie University. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the long-term we see a nice property boom.

William de Ora

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