Traditional Barber now in Marsfield

Kapesh Nayi the new Barber in Macquarie Centre

If there is one experience you’ve got to have then that is the pleasure of a shave at a great barber.

Well, if you’ve been waiting for a good old traditional barber to hit town, then you don’t have to wait any longer! Kapesh Nayi is an extremely experienced men’s barber and he’s now set up shop at Macquarie Centre (round the corner from Mecca Maxima). So that treat you’ve been waiting for is now just around the corner.

This isn’t Kapesh’s first barbershop. He’s actually got two more and this is now his third. So that alone tells you how experienced he is.

I asked him why he decided to set up his third venture at Macquarie Centre, and this is what he said. “Well, I did my research,” he said as he smiled in a very unassuming manner. “You see Macquarie Shopping Centre already has several good hairdressers. But there is not a single men’s barbershop.

In my eyes, I was happy I stumbled upon him, as quite frankly I think it’s about time Macquarie Shopping Centre did have a genuine barbershop. I’m personally thrilled. There’s something about a traditional barbershop that just leaves you feeling good when you leave, I can’t quite exactly say what it is, but that feel-good factor is just there.

When you meet Kapesh you know immediately that you’ve come across a good old fashioned barbershop; it’s just his nature and the way he deals with his clients.

He’s got a whole lot on offer from a traditional hot towel razor shave to a beard trim to just a simple haircut. So, if you are looking for a traditional barber then I highly suggest you give Kapesh Nayi a try.

Goodbye to traditional hairdressers for me and hello to Kapesh!

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