The Freshest Fruit and Veg in Marsfield

Anton van den Berg Owner of Harvest Hub

Louise and I decided to go to the ‘Growers Market’ last Saturday and we were blown away, in particular by a fresh fruit and veg stand that had the best looking fruit and veg I’ve seen in a long time. They call themselves Harvest Hub and they are all about healthy eating, getting the freshest produce from local growers and bringing health to the people of Marsfield.

This is like a god send to Marsfield, as every Wednesday (in the central courtyard of the University) and Saturday (in front of the University Sports & Aquatic Centre – Gymnasium Road) we head to the market to get the freshest and most delicious fruit and veg from Harvest Hub, and they are so well priced too.

I met a lady by the name of Michelle who was busy picking out her fruit and veg and I had a quick chat to her. She takes her daughter to gymnastics every Saturday and kept walking past Harvest Hub without really stopping to take a look. One day she decided to and has never looked back. She is a strong supporter of Harvest Hub and as she said, “I’m sick of buying food in Woollies and Coles that doesn’t last.”

After my chat to Michelle I went in search of the owner, who I found, Anton van den Berg, who amazingly comes from Holland, but has been in Australia for 25 years already. He’s extremely passionate about bringing fresh fruit and veg to the people. He focused on the local students from Macquarie University first and started a ‘market’ in the central courtyard at the university to take healthy food to them. As he said, “Students don’t cook a lot other than One Minute Noodles.” How true is that? So in his quest to get people leading healthy lives, he takes the food to them. Also about two months ago, Anton decided to take the fruit and veg to a local gym, McWarriors, once again, getting the food to them, making it convenient and easy. The gym members also receive a 10% discount over and above his already good prices. How convenient is that?

They are also pretty picky when it comes to choosing growers. Not just anyone does for them. Their whole ethos is about getting the best fruit and veg from local growers so that it doesn’t take too long to get to them, which again ensures freshness. They’ve met a lot of local growers at markets and before they pick their growers they always visit them to check what’s up and how they run their farms. Occasionally there will be a fruit or veg that goes out of season in our area, and then Anton relies on farmers slightly further out, but they are still checked out with his expert eye to make sure his customers get the best fruit and veg out there.

We love this place, so head over to the Growers Market on a Wednesday or a Saturday and pop in to see Anton at Harvest Hub.

You can visit their website which features their latest specials and fruit and veg of the week, and they’ve even got a blog where they feature growers and other interesting information. You can also email them at

I highly recommend that you give Harvest Hub a try. Go and take a look and let me know what you think.
William de Ora

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