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For Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) alumnus Indranil Halder, philanthropy isn’t just about short-term support. Indranil is a firm believer that supporting higher education is an important step to drive long-term, sustainable impact for the nation.

In 2009 Indranil established the Halder Chowdhury Prize at MGSM. This prize recognises an international student’s academic achievement within the Master of Management degree.

“As a new citizen in Australia, it was my way of saying thank you for the education that Australia has provided me,” says Indranil. “Australia has a lot to offer, including a high standard of education. I strongly believe that by actively supporting higher education, you enable the next generation to reach their full potential. This allows them to become better, more confident leaders and executives, which pays dividends for the country as a whole.”

Supporting the next generation of leaders is a key priority for MGSM. Thanks to donors like Indranil, MGSM has awarded over 90 scholarships in the past three years, including 25 to individuals from the charity sector and 66 to individuals who would otherwise be excluded due to financial hardship. As a result of scholarship support, these talented individuals have been given an opportunity to be educated with the best and brightest MGSM students.

This also ensures that MGSM upholds a reputation for producing the most talented business professionals, regardless of their background or disadvantage.

“Many people think that supporting education is something they don’t ‘have’ to do. But I believe it is. I believe that we have a responsibility. As MGSM alumni, we understand the difference that education makes in our life. We understand that it provides confidence, courage and experience, and it makes a person more creative and imaginative” says Indranil

“If you are in a position to help others achieve their full potential but don’t take an active role in enabling them, I believe that you diminish your own education. “

If you would like to take an active role in helping others to achieve an MGSM education, visit the website and make your donation today.


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  1. sanjukta

    Such unselfish communal givings for the country is also a mark of great leaders. Yes we do need strong leaders for the future of this country. That is possible via apt education and awareness of the society and that in turn is possible through the generosity of the community.

  2. I am very delighted to hear about this initiative by Indranil and MGSM to support leadership development while helping needy students at the same time. As an alumni of MGSM, I can proudly say that studying at MGSM was by far the best career decision I have taken. It gave me a new perspective, helped my pick up skills that prepared me for future opportunities.

    I still fondly remember the project, Indranil and I did for Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Australia – Working on a fully blown and complex consulting assignment to analyse the feasibility of a drug launch in Australia. With Indranil’s deep industry knowledge and my analytical and financial skills, we delivered an extensive report which was accepted and appreciated by Novartis. Infact, they decided to launch the drug in Australia basis our recommendation. I still thank MGSM for providing us this opportunity to work on a highly challenging project like this.

    Today, as the Chief Operating Officer of an Indo Australian startup offering Australian VET in India, I thank MGSM for providing me the skills which help me run and grow our organisation to it’s penultimate potential.

    I congratulate MGSM and Indranil for starting this initiative. I am sure this initiative will go a long way in helping needy students fulfill their potential. I look forward to contributing to this initiative in whatever way possible.

    • admin

      Thank you Shruti for your comments, we really appreciate it. Glad that you have picked up fantastic skills for your startup. Also fantastic that will try and help in any way. Thank you!

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