Stocking up at Aldi Marsfield

Jodie Turner from Party Parlour

The Aldi at Macquarie Shopping Centre was doing a roaring business and I happened to bump into an amazing lady at the checkout. Her name was Jodie Turner and she comes all the way from North Epping to do her shopping right here at none other than the Macquarie Shopping Centre.

When I met her at the checkout her trolley was stocked full, brimming over the edges. As I chatted to her I realised why…she is the mother of three grown-up kids who will probably eat her out of house and home if she’s not stocked up. So big trolley fulls are the answer for her.

When we got chatting, it turns out the Jodie runs an online party supply business, and she’s been doing this for 8 years now. She spoke about it so passionately that I had to find out more. So off I went to her website which is where everything comes alive. In my eyes this a party supply business like no other.

If you take a look at her website, she is clearly passionate about what she’s doing, but that’s not the only thing, the party supplies are absolutely awesome and so unique. This is not your bog standard online party supply business, this is something special; as they claim on their website “Simply Stylish Party Supplies” and that’s certainly spot on.

She has everything from designer party wares to personalised party stuff; you can shop by colour, by designer, by new stuff and she even does wedding party supplies. Wow, this is the stuff that dream parties are made of.

What I really liked was the fact that she not only provides unique party supplies, but she also has loads and loads of party ideas on her website to inspire people and help them to choose exactly what they want. Again, her website is really user friendly as you can browse by 1st birthday parties, baby showers, colour themed parties as well as themed parties for boys and girls…so there’s certainly no lack of choice here. She also has ideas for christenings, Easter and Christmas. It’s like a one-stop dream shop for any party you’re planning to throw.

You really have to take a look at her website; you’ll be amazed at the uniqueness of the stuff that Jodie supplies. This should be your go-to party place without a shadow of a doubt.

If you’re planning a party, then head over to her website and let me know what you think!

William de Ora

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