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Leigh Williams, the owner and pharmacist at Trafalgar Pharmacy is a truly extraordinary man in every sense of the word. He’s been a pharmacist in Marsfield for over 30 years! That’s incredible! He walked into Marsfield at the tender age of 22 and saw the potential of our awesome town. It was at that point that he decided to open a pharmacy in Trafalgar Place.

If you want to know more about the pharmacy, what services they offer, what they supply or even opening hours then visit their Facebook page. Their Facebook page is filled with heaps of interesting advice and tips too.

When you visit Trafalgar Pharmacy, you will always come across Leigh and his team, who are willing to help in any way possible; from the common cold and sniffles, dehydration or even an inflamed finger! If you want good advice on literally any illness or affliction, this is your go to place.

But I don’t just want to talk about Leigh the pharmacist; he is so much more than that. Leigh is a healer in the true sense of the word. I’ve come across many pharmacists, who are great, but there is one thing that sets Leigh and his team apart from all the others, they have a genuine commitment to helping others and the wellbeing of the people who walk into the pharmacy. Leigh’s not there for a quick buck; he’s honestly there to help!

I had a chat to Leigh and then stood to the side and watched him serving his customers. What I saw was a man who is congruent in heart, mind and spirit to his profession. This is a person who has truly found his calling in life; you can see it in his smile, in his demeanour and his general sense of being.

When was the last time that you walked into a pharmacy and saw the head honcho, and lo and behold got to spend time with them? Well this actually happens with Leigh, he gets to spend time with almost every customer that walks through his doors.

This is also true of his team at the pharmacy; he hand picks his staff so that each of them have a passion for what they’re doing, so no matter who you deal with, you will always get the best advice ever!

But Leigh is different. What I admire about him most is how at ease he is in his own skin. Whilst I watched on in wonder, he spoke to each and every person and even more importantly he listened even with the queues building up, with everyone wanting their share of him. There was no hurry, no stressing, each person got his full attention in the end.

From where I stand, I doubt very much that Leigh sees this as a big deal; to him it’s part of the job and what he does every day. But think about it this way, when you walk into a pharmacy and a pharmacist genuinely takes the time to listen to you and help you, you feel a sense of relief and of course loyalty to that person. They’ve taken the time to listen to you! This is what makes him special, his genuine concern for others.

This is how I’d sum up Leigh.
The dictionary says dedication is ‘when a person is devoted to a task or purpose’.
Consistent is described as ‘always acting or behaving in the same way’.
And focused is described as ‘being a condition in which something can be clearly apprehended or perceived’.
Leigh is dedicated to what he does, consistent in his service and utterly focused on customer service.

I feel privileged to have met such an amazing person, and soul, who is right at the heart of our community. We’re lucky to have him.


Here’s where to find them
Trafalgar Pharmacist, 7 Trafalgar Place, Marsfield.
Phone: (02) 9876 2170

Have you been to Trafalgar Pharmacy? Did you have as great an experience as I did? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

William de Ora

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