Marsfield is a Coffee Connoisseur’s Paradise

Awesome Nuts on show

Love coffee like I do? Well best you head on over to Marsfield, as quite honestly you will be spoilt for choice. Marsfield is without a doubt a coffee connoisseur’s paradise!

We’ve always had some great coffee shops, but now that we have the new Macquarie Centre which has opened up even more coffee joints…there are so many to choose from you’re just going to have to have a caffeine overdose. That’s really how many great coffee shops we’ve got.

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting places to go and to see what delights are on offer around our awesome town. Well the other day, I came across an exceptionally interesting man.

“Just call me Fred,” he said. So of course I complied. He is a very exotic looking man and I was expecting a very exotic name to go with the look, but Fred will do. Now this man is the Michelangelo of coffee making. Coming from me, that’s quite some compliment, but he most certainly deserves the title. I’m not using this term lightly as he is literally a heavy weight; he’s been making for coffee for almost a quarter of a century. Now that’s a long time. He is very clearly passionate about what he does. Wow. “Just call me Fred,” is one of the proud owners of Nuts Galore with his two brothers and his mum and dad.

Back in 1989, mum and day, Mr & Mrs Haoushar started their very first shop in Carlingford, Sydney NSW. The Macquarie Centre Nuts Galore is one of the many chain of coffee houses that the Haoushar family owns. Clearly the whole family quite like a cup of their favourite brew. But you might have guessed from the name, that they’re not just about coffee, they are really into their nuts too, which are really healthy and awesome too.

The Michelangelo of coffee making who runs Nuts Galore boasts they have the best, and only the best and let me tell you that from everything I could see, and of course taste, they are without a doubt living up to their claim!

They’re in the Macquarie Centre on Level 3, Shop K3411 and are open 7 days a week.

So, in the myriad of coffee houses that you’ll now find in the Macquarie Centre, make sure you head on over to Nuts Galore and tell me what you think.

William de Ora

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