Go Macquarie Saints!

Bill Elliot a legend in Marsfield baseball

Baseball season has officially opened and I happened to come across a game when I was passing Waterloo Park last week. I was intrigued to find out a bit more about what was going on, so of course I went on a mission to get the lowdown.

The game was between our home team Macquarie Saints and Kissing Point Angels who are based over in Taramara. It looked as if things were getting quite exciting! Macquarie Saints were in the lead by 8 to 1.

Then I headed on over and spoke to Bill Elliot, who is a bit of a legend when it comes to baseball in the Marsfield area. He’s been playing for over 20 years and was one of the founders of Macquarie Saints! For this game, he was the official scorer!

He told me that baseball is a fairly small game in Australia as we’re a cricket nation, but is obviously huge business in the US. We’ve only got a semi-professional league for the sport, but here in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney it’s pretty popular. The reason for this is that we’ve got plenty of grounds, so therefore plenty of teams, which is great for them.

This particular competition was part of the Pacific Coast League which has over 1,000 players! In Australia we’ve got baseball grades that go from A to G, and apparently this game was an E grade game, which means that there was a mixture of ages. The oldest member of the team was in his 50s and the youngest member of the team was in his mid-20s. As Bill said, “It all evens out. You’ve got some speed with the younger guys and some nouse with the older guys!”

Bill has been involved in heaps of different activities in his time with Macquarie Saints from scoring to playing and umpiring to administration. He does it all. He’s really made it a family affair as three of his sons play baseball, and in this particular game, his youngest son was catching. He wants his grandkids to play too, so he can have a bit of a match with them when they’re old enough!

It was quite an electric atmosphere, and I really got into it. Why don’t you go and support our team when you can and have an awesome day out in the process!

William de Ora

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