A Mega Shopping Centre for Marsfield

AMP Shopping Centres’ Chief Executive, Bryan Hynes

Well I can honestly say that Marsfield is doing it in style. We’ve got the new Macquarie Shopping Centre right on our doorstep which is touted to be a mall of the future. It’s supposedly going to be the biggest of its kind in the whole of NSW.

I did a bit of research on the centre as quite frankly I’m pretty excited about the opportunities it will bring to our area, and it seems it will. The reason they’ve undertaken this massive redevelopment project is that our area has a rapidly growing spending power, which sits in the middle of three distinct markets; the vibrant local community, the Macquarie Business Park and of course the rapidly expanding student population at the Macquarie University. So it’s sitting slap bang in the middle of a gold mine, so to speak.

Apparently in our area, household incomes are 15.8% above those of the Sydney Metro average, which means there’s money to be spent and this will continue to increase. Just think about what it will do to our house prices, the potential for employment and how it will uplift our local economy. In my eyes, this is awesome.

There’s a total trade area of 337,770 people according to the Macquarie Centre website which is expected to unleash $6 billion in retail spending by 2021. That’s quite something to say the least.

Apparently on completion Macquarie Centre will be the only super-regional shopping centre in the area, with about 138,500 square metres of food, retail and leisure shops, the development will bring with it superb entertainment, gourmet adventures and retail opportunities on an unprecedented scale.

They are in full swing with the first stage of the $440 million redevelopment project and on the 17th July the Fresh Food Market opened to rave reviews. There are none other than 37 food and specialty stores including Coles, ALDI and a refurbished Woolworths.

This section of the centre has absolutely everything you could need, which means no stopping anywhere else; it’s a one-stop-shop so to speak. They’ve got everything from fresh food, specialty Asian food stores and market-style restaurant options from local producers, including Costi’s Seafood Market, Inlakesh Living Foods, F & L Gourmet, Panetta Mercato and Soul Origin. And according to reports we’ve got loads more coming our way.

I walked into the centre with my wife for the first time and my first impression was “WOW!” Yes, it is seriously impressive. Marsfield has moved into the 21st Century and as I said above, this is meant to be a shopping centre of the future, a taste of things to come all over Australia.

Quite frankly as a home owner I am thrilled. Marsfield has literally everything we could want, and this is such a great selling-point when you’re looking to sell a home. This shopping centre gives our suburb some real kudos. We’ve got the new Aldi and Coles as well and a David Jones is on its way.

This is just the first stage; we’ve still got a way to go. AMP Shopping Centres’ Chief Executive, Bryan Hynes, wasn’t able to confirm which stores will be in the new shopping centre in a recent interview with SMH, but it’s believed that big fashion brands will include Zara, Topshop, Topman and H&M. Sounds good to me.

One of the awesome things I found what that when you visit the new Macquarie Shopping Centre there’s no doubt you’ll come across a concierge with a big smile who is beaming with excitement to direct you on your merry way through this massive centre, where you can literally shop until you drop, and let me tell you, this centre gives a whole new aspect to that saying; it is so big and there is so much choice. You could probably shop for days and still not get to everything!

You have to go and have a look, its jaw droppingly amazing! Let me know what you think and what your favourite shops or even coffee shops are! I’d really like to hear your thoughts.

William de Ora

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